Process Photos

Measurement diagram of a puppet
Armature wires lashed together with string and prosaide for support
Wire armature for a dog puppet
Wire armature for a human puppet
Dog puppet covered in foam
Human puppet covered in foam, with a clay head added
Human puppet made of plastic bags and tape, with a thin coat of paint on top. See timelapse video below for the full process
Parts of a paper crab puppet (wire frame covered in paper)
Human puppet with hand-sewn clothes (shirt and pants)
Human puppet with hair added (strips of frayed fabric adhered in strips)
Dog puppet with fur added (strips of frayed fabric)
Human puppet with table and chairs (stained bass wood)
Human puppets in set, set decorations in the process of being added
Aerial view of the dining room set, fully decorated
Final set, staged and about to be animated
Finished Stop Motion Puppets

Fabrication Timelapse (2020)

Other Works